A day in Greenfield

Being a part of a larger school, children in the Kindergarten have the opportunity to interact with students from 3 ½ -16 years of age, and benefit from the superb facilities and resources throughout the campus.

The Kindergarten timetable is structured with the best interests of our students in mind. There is time set aside for dedicated preparation for school activities, gently introducing children to the notion of applying themselves to a task and seeing it through to completion, and to the academic skills of literacy and numeracy.

Most of all, our Kindergarten students are welcomed into a supportive and fun environment with small groups led by nurturing, energetic and highly qualified teachers. Kindergarten activities are fun and interactive, helping our young students to grow in confidence, establish positive friendships and develop a love of learning.

Each kindergarten classroom is staffed with a kindergarten teacher and a support staff to assist. The morning typically involves an all school assembly, free play time followed by circle time and other academic activities.

Class Schedule
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Activities like Swimming, Art & Craft, Dance and Music are conducted section wise on different days during activity time.

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