Activity based learning

Activity based learning is an integral part of the pedagogy to facilitate permanent learning. Children are visual and active learners. GPS strongly supports this premise. We provide ample opportunitiesfor ABL (Activity Based Learning) throughout the lush green campus to facilitate a lasting and joyful learning experience. Each activity is carefully designed to help the students develop self-learning skills which allows them to study and develop according to their own aptitude and skill level.

Activity based learning 2022-23

High school students had a industrial trip to Surfa coats (paint manufacturing industry) to learn about manufacturing industries as part of their syllabus in geography and commercial studies.

Surfa coats is an Indian certified paint manufacturing company based in Bengaluru. We got to see machines which are used for paints production. They have state of the art technology for manufacturing eco-friendly paints. The industry has high quality and efficient equipment working of the manufacturing unit.

Our students could learn

  • The industry's contribution towards eco-friendly paints production.
  • An overview of manufacturing industry & Minerals used for paint production.
  • Store keeping, finished product management & Delivery management.

Field trip - Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Children of Grade 5 were taken to Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum for an educational field trip on 31st October, 2022.

This is a place designed for young children to play unhindered and engage with science. All models, experiments, simulators etc, were in good working condition making it very interactive particularly for the students to appreciate the principles. The museum has very interesting and informative exhibits. Information given for each exhibit is easy to understand.

Fun Science had many sections like Mathematics, Fluid mechanics, Sound, Mechanics, Atmospheric Science, Perception and Challenge. Quick Glimpses where kids enjoyed the most were - Tornado, Floating Ball, Lazy Coin, Smoke Rings, Air Cannon, Water in your body, Particle Accelerator, Wave Motion and Liquid Storm.

Students made note of many things which they experienced. They gained knowledge on many concepts of science .They spent three hours in the museum. Children had a great time and enjoyed very much with friends and teachers. The entire experience was very joyful and informative .

Activity based learning 2019-20

Study of Agro Tissue Culture and Interdependency of Terrestrial Biodiversity

Literacy Day 2019: Dress-up and talk about my favourite character from the book I've read

Talents Day: Rangoli and Clay Art

Grade 3 (CBSE) Birds and Their Homes

Activity based learning 2018-19

Grade 4 Field trip to Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Literary Day: Dress-up and talk about my favourite character from the book I've read

Field Trip to Nehru Planaterium Bangalore

Field Trip: I want to know what is a supermarket

  • Grade 2 - Learning the Concept of Money

  • Show and tell: Talk about your Favourite Animal


Web research about your 'Favourite National Hero': Share interesting points with the class during circle time

French Class Activities

Learning Shapes

Knowing our Solar System

Air Occupies Space

Conversion of Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy And Hooks Law: Springs will work to return to equilibrium

Grade 1 Hindi: Alphabets and Spellings

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