“ This is the place where we learn, play & grow together! ”

Our kindergarten program provides a safe and supportive place for your child to explore their capacity for learning through play.

Children learn at different rates, in different ways and at different times. The Greenfield Kindergarten programme is designed to enhance the strengths, interests and skills of each individual child.

It also provides an opportunity for your child to learn about their world alongside other children. Each learning outcome is targeted to develop the kind of knowledge and skills children need to be confident and happy through their lives.

Your child will develop a range of life skills, including:

  • Working with others in a group by listening to, and respecting the ideas of others.
  • Sharing and handling conflicts with other children.
  • Building self awareness and confidence through play-based exploration.
  • Developing new relationships with adults.
  • Making new friends.

Your child will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop independence by taking part in the routines of the program.
  • Extend their vocabulary & communication skills.
  • Develop & enhance their reading & writing skills.
  • Begin to explore numeracy and science.
  • Develop future learning and enquiry skills by exploring different ways of learning and problem solving.
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